Properties have assigned street numbers and lot numbers which are provided to you on your rates notice and most other correspondence from the Litchfield Council. The lot numbers apply to the subdivision lot numbering system and the street numbering is a distance based system, with the street number being the distance in metres of the driveway entrance (or if this is not known the centre of the property frontage) from the start of the street less the trailing zero, with odd numbers on the left and even numbers on the right. For example; street numbers 45 would be 450 metres from the start of the street and on the left hand side, and number 760 would be 7.6 kilometres from the start of the street and on the right hand side.

As there is no postal delivery service to the door, in the rural area - do not use your street address for any correspondence. Mail must be collected from the nearest postal outlet either at the counter or from a post office box provided at a concessional rate.

Post offices/delivery centres within the Litchfield Council area are located at;

  • Howard Springs Shopping Centre Post Office, Whitewood Road
  • Humpty Doo Post Office, Arnhem Highway
  • Noonamah Supermarket Post Office, Stuart Highway
  • Darwin River Trading Post, Australia Post agent, Darwin River Road
  • Berry Springs BP, Australia Post agent, Cox Peninsular Road
  • Coolalinga, Australia Post agent ,Coolalinga Shopping Complex

High visibility property signs are important, not just for assisting visitors to locate your property, but they are essential in case of bushfires or other emergencies. High visibility property signs can save lives and properties.

Your local Volunteer Bushfire Brigade provide High visibility street signs at a low cost with all proceeds going to the respective Volunteer Bushfire Brigades.

High visibility property signs promoted by the NT Fire and Rescue Service are also available at the Virginia Store, Humpty Doo Hardware and Berry Springs Hardware.

Acacia Hills - 0400 296 705
Bees Creek - (08) 8988 9902
Berry Springs - (08) 8988 6333
Darwin River - 0428 815 807
Elizabeth Valley - (08) 8988 1579
Howard Springs - (08)8983 2999
Humpty Doo - (08) 8988 0299
Koolpinyah-Herbert - (08) 8988 5023
Lambells Lagoon - (08) 8984 9019
Livingstone - 0407 612 230
Manton - (08) 8988 2114
Virginia - (08) 8988 2453