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320 Arnhem Highway

The Litchfield population is predicted to grow to over 35,000 people by 2046, and Humpty Doo is expected to grow and develop into one of the largest rural activity centres in Litchfield.

Litchfield Council is inviting residents, local businesses, sporting clubs, community groups and interested stakeholders, to participate in a community led consultation to help develop a land use Masterplan for 320 Arnhem Highway, Humpty Doo. At present, 320 Arnhem Highway is 7.56ha of under-utilised Council owned land within the Humpty Doo Activity Centre.

Litchfield Council is encouraging the community to get involved in the consultations and have your say on how you would like to see this site developed in the future. The goal of the consultations is to understand the community’s needs and aspirations for the future of Humpty Doo.

Click here to fill out the survey, responses to the survey will inform Council with information to better understand the community’s aspirations for the future of the site.

Climate Adaptation Strategy & Action Plan 

Climate is sometimes mistaken for weather but is different because it is measured over a long period of time, whereas weather can change from day to day, or from year to year. The climate of an area includes seasonal temperature and rainfall averages, and wind patterns.

Climate change is the long-term change of temperature and typical weather patterns in a place and could refer to a particular location or the planet as a whole.

It may cause weather patterns to be less predictable and has also been connected to other damaging weather events such as more frequent and more intense cyclones, floods, downpours, and winter storms.

The role of human influence on the climate system is supported by extensive scientific evidence, and current and future human actions have the potential to determine the course of climate. 

The purpose of developing a Climate Adaptation Strategy & Plan is to improve the resilience of the local environment, communities, and economies to help withstand the unavoidable impacts of climate change.

Click here to fill out the survey

Survey closes Wednesday 10 November 2021. 

Australia Day Awards 2022

Do you know a Litchfield Legend? Nominate them now!


Help us celebrate what's great about our community by nominating someone you know or someone you know of for a Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year or Community Event of the Year award.

Check the eligibility below and nominate someone who makes a difference in our community and give them the opportunity to be rewarded and recognised for their contribution. It could be a local organisation who helps to make our community great or a community leader who is always helping somewhere.

We hear lots of great comments about the amazing people we have in our community and what they have achieved. 

Let's not just talk about them, let's acknowledge them, they deserve it!

Nominations close Friday 19 November 2021, so nominate now.

All nominees will be invited to and acknowledged at the 2022 Litchfield Council Australia Day event at Freds Pass Sport and Recreation Reserve on January 26.


Citizen of the Year

Young Citizen of the Year

Community Event of the Year


  • An Australian Citizen
  • An Australian Citizen
  • Aged under 30 years of age on January 26, 2022
  • Organisation is actively involved in the Litchfield community
  • Community event must have been delivered during the past year (includes online events)

Selection Criteria

(how will the winner be chosen)

  • The person has made a significant contribution to the Litchfield community
  • The person has professional and/or personal achievements that make them an inspirational role model
  • The impact the person has had in the community
  • The event's contribution to the Litchfield community
  • The quality of the event
  • The event's impact on the Litchfield community

Nomination form 

The Citizen of the Year Awards are proudly sponsored by the Department of Housing and Community Development. 

The Citizen of the Year Awards are administered by local Councils across the Northern Territory.

The Awards recognise individuals and organisations that have made a noteworthy contribution during the current year, and/or given outstanding service over a number of years, to a local community over and above normal employment duties.

Outstanding contribution and community service including areas such as education, health, fundraising, charitable and voluntary services, business, sport, arts, the environment, or any other area that contributes to the advancement and wellbeing of a community.

Nominate someone who makes a real difference in your community and give them the opportunity to be rewarded and recognised for their contribution.