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myLitchfield Program

04 Jan 2021
The myLitchfield Program provided Litchfield Council with an opportunity to stimulate economic growth through a voucher system.The initiative encouraged spending with local businesses by giving daily [...]

Connecting our Community

01 Mar 2021
Connecting our Community is Litchfield Council's community newsletter.The newsletter is distributed every four months and provides details on works, activities, events and projects.Click here to [...]

Draft Municipal Plan and Budget 2021-22

25 Apr 2021
The Municipal Plan and Budget 2021-22 is now being finalised together with community feedback.Click here to view the draft.Key highlights of the budget include:Over $1 million for Litchfield’s [...]

Draft Long Term Financial Plan 2021-22 to 2030-31

20 May 2021
The Draft Long Term Financial Plan is designed to ensure the financial sustainability of Litchfield Council continues to improve over the next 10 years by supporting sound financial decision [...]

Annual Community Survey 2021

17 Jun 2021
The Litchfield Council Community Survey is conducted annually to hear from people living in the Litchfield Municipality.Responses to this survey provide Council with information to better understand [...]