The Litchfield Council Municipal 2016/17 Annual Service Delivery and Staff Plan made reference to “an opportunity to develop a women’s Business Network to share ideas and foster growth and professional development”.

In October 2016 the Council participated in the October Business Month by hosting an event “Making Connections”. This event was a success and one of the key goals was to establish an ongoing support network and those in attendance conveyed their enthusiasm to establish a local chapter.

In February 2017 the Council established the Litchfield Women in Business Network Committee and appointed the Mayor, Councillors and seven community members to form the committee for a two-year term. In December 2018 the Council appointed the following community members for a further two year term commencing February 2019:

  • Belinda Shaw, Selter Shaw Plumbing
  • Debra Selter, Selter Shaw Plumbing
  • Vicky Lamp, Bridges Finance
  • Elaine Mills, Elaine Mills Property Management
  • Nicky Clark, Darwin Laundries
  • Judith Davidson, Davidson Legal
  • Rana Everett, Everetts Corrosion

The objectives of the Committee are:

Assisting with the planning and staging of events and contribute ideas to achieving the goals and purpose of the Litchfield Women in Business Network

The purpose of the Litchfield Women in Business Network is to provide opportunities to collectively share ideas, resources and contacts to support women in business.

The Women in Business Network will assist women make connections, promote their business and gain new skills through sharing of experiences and learnings.

The Committee held their first meeting on Monday, 4 February 2019 and discussions included the preparation of the upcoming celebrations for International Women's Day in March 2019.

Litchfield Women in Business Network Committee Group Photo