The Litchfield Women in Business Network is a network of professional women living or working in the Litchfield municipality or with a close association to the Litchfield municipality.

Litchfield Council recognises the importance of supporting, making connections, promoting businesses and gaining new skills to business success. It has facilitated the establishment of this Network to support women to be successful in business.

A strong and successful business sector contributes to the liveability of the Litchfield municipality to be the Best Place to Live in the Top End.

1. Purpose

The purpose of the Litchfield Women in Business Network is to provide opportunities to collectively share ideas, resources and contacts to support women in business.

The Women in Business Network will assist women make connections, promote their business and gain new skills through sharing of experiences and learnings. This will be done by holding at least three events each annum.

2. Membership

The Litchfield Women in Business Network will be inclusive and open to women operating a business in Litchfield, living in the Litchfield municipality or with a close connection to Litchfield.

3. Women in Business Network Committee

The Litchfield Women in Business Network will be administrated by a Committee comprising:

  • Litchfield Council Mayor;
  • Councillors; and
  • Up to 8 women from the Litchfield community

Guests may be invited to attend Committee Meetings depending on matters on the agenda for discussion.

3.1 Committee Appointments

Expressions of Interest will be called for publicly from women residing in the Litchfield municipality. The Committee may invite or co-opt members as required.

3.2 Term of Appointment

Committee members will be appointed for a term of 24 months.

3.3 Selection of Committee Members

Selection will be based on the identified criteria as well as the individual merit.

Selection criteria will include community members who:

  • either own or manage a business in the Litchfield municipality or
  • own or manage a business elsewhere but live Litchfield or
  • have a close association with the Litchfield municipality.

3.4 Roles and Responsibilities of members

Committee members have a responsibility to:

  • attend meetings;
  • assist with the planning and staging of events; and
  • contribute ideas to achieving the goals and purpose of the Litchfield Women in Business Network.

3.5 Vacancies

A committee vacancy arises if a member resigns in writing.  If the term remaining is less than 12 months, the Committee may co-opt a new member.

3.6 Other attendees

Visitors or guests may be invited to attend meetings, or part thereof, to provide input to discussions or upcoming events.

3.7 Meetings

3.7.1 Meeting Schedule

Meetings will be held as required, with a minimum of three per calendar year.

3.7.2 Quorum

A meeting quorum of at least four (4) members is required.

3.7.3 Chairing of Meetings

All meetings will be chaired by an endorsed member of Council.

3.7.4 Secretariat Support

The secretary for meetings will be the Executive Assistant to Mayor and Chief Executive Officer.

3.7.5 Agenda Papers

Agenda and other documentation necessary for conducting a meeting will be made available to Committee members at least five days before each meeting.

Meeting Agenda Papers will be developed by the Litchfield Council’s Mayor.

Calls for agenda items will be issued one week prior to the agenda distribution. Committee members may propose agenda items for the meetings to the Executive Assistant for the Mayor’s consideration.

3.7.6 Meeting Protocol

The Litchfield Women in Business Network Committee shall adhere to normal meeting protocols.

3.7.7 Voting

Committee recommendations are to be reached by consensus.

4. Conflict of Interest

Any committee members with a conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest must declare the interest prior to discussion of the item. This will be a standing item on the agenda.

5. Amendment

This Terms of Reference may be amended, varied or modified in writing after the Local Government Election.