Litchfield Council calls for an urgent review of the design and function of the Stuart Highway and Bees Creek Road Intersection. The intersection services high volumes of traffic, particularly during peak times such as school and Child Care drop off/pickups and during sporting and community events.

Current and anticipated future expansion of educational facilities, the alignment of school finishing times, population growth in the area and the popularity of Freds Pass Sport and Recreation Reserve has resulted in greater congestion, particularly at peak times, provoking a sense of urgency to work towards a safer traffic management solution.

It is important now more than ever before that the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (DIPL) work proactively and progressively to stop a tragedy before it occurs.

Litchfield Council, with the help of the community wishes to advocate for positive change and a timely response from the Northern Territory Government. To achieve this, the council is asking for the community to rally together and sign a petition for submission to the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory.

Mayor of Litchfield, Doug Barden expressed his concerns “The road toll in the Northern Territory is already stacking up and we need to show concern and work with the NT Government to realise positive change in our community.“

CEO Stephen Hoyne agreed, adding “There are a number of intersections within the Litchfield area that require better traffic management, however the increase in congestion at this particular junction with our most popular reserve and the increase in school attendees means this location requires action now“.

By acting now and signing the petition the community has a real chance to affect change before the community experiences avoidable losses of life.

“This intersection comes off a 100km per hour highway and compounds the risk of a very serious accident so the quicker we move with the petition the sooner we can protect our community.”

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