TitlePolicy numberApproved Date
Access to Meetings PolicyEM03
Asset DisposalFIN01
Asset ManagementINF01
Borrowing PolicyFIN13
Caretaker PolicyGOV05
Casting Vote PolicyEM04
Code of Conduct for Elected MembersEM02
Common Seal PolicyGOV11
Community Engagement PolicyCOR02
Community Grants, Donations and Sponsorships PolicyFIN07
Complaints Handling PolicyGOV15
Conflict of Interest PolicyEM06
Customer Service CharterCOR07
Debt Recovery PolicyFIN05
Disposal of Surrendered and Unclaimed Impounded DogsREG01
Driveway Crossovers PolicyINF02
Elected Member Benefit and Support PolicyEM05
Elected Members Gifts and BenefitsEM07
Elected Members PolicyEM01
Financial ReservesFIN04