Requests for Citizenship must be made by contacting the Department of Home Affairs. All citizenship applications can be made online at For more information you can contact the Department by phone on 131 881. Clients wishing to talk to someone from Home Affairs in-person will need to arrange an appointment by contacting their call centre.

Once the application process has been completed and approved, the Department of Home Affairs will contact Council to arrange a Citizenship Ceremony on its behalf. The ceremony can be either a public or private ceremony where applicants stand before the Litchfield Council Mayor, swear an oath or Affirmation of Allegiance and receive their citizenship certificate.

The Department of Home Affairs is planning to commence publishing citizenship ceremony data on its website monthly from October 2022. This will provide clients with awareness of how long they should anticipate waiting in their location and better visibility of caseload pressures.

Becoming a citizen in such a ceremony is a very important step in the process of becoming an Australian citizen. It is an opportunity for you to declare your allegiance to Australia and for the local community to welcome you on behalf of all Australians.

Please note that Council only hosts the ceremonies. For more information on citizenship ceremonies visit

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