Permits to burn are required by the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service year round in the rural area. Permits are available, weather permitting, generally from end November till the end of April. Permits cease to be issued once the dry season commences as confirmed by the Bureau of Meteorology. If you are clearing an area on your property and wish to burn the green waste make sure the green waste is away from existing structures and sufficient distance away from your boundary so as not to present a danger to the neighbours. A permit is required FIRST.

Permits to burn are available to Darwin/Rural Landholders from December - April. More information can be found on the NT Fire and Rescue Service Website »

For advice call 08 8988 0298.

Volunteer Fire Brigade Contact Phone Numbers

Virginia/Bees Creek(08) 8988 9902 or (08) 8988 2453
Howard Springs(08) 8983 2999
Humpty Doo(08) 8988 4333
Koolpinyah-Herbert(08) 8988 5023
Acacia Hills0400 296 705
Berry Springs(08) 8988 6333
Darwin River0428 815 807
Elizabeth Valley(08) 8988 1579
Lambell Lagoons(08) 8984 9019
Livingstone0407 612 230
Manton(08) 8988 2114

Land Clearing

Land owners in the Litchfield Municipality are currently permitted to clear up to 1 hectare of their allotment without approval. Clearing must not result in soil erosion or water quality problems on adjoining or downstream allotments.

Some things you will need to consider when thinking about clearing:

  • Is my block capable of supporting the intended use (e.g. adequate water supply)?
  • Are there any waterlogged soils?
  • What areas do I need to retain for native wildlife corridors and protection of waterways?

Clearing of more than one hectare of land (which also includes selective clearing) in the Litchfield Municipality requires a Development Permit from the Development Consent Authority.

NT Government Clearing Guidelines »

Please Contact Us if you require any guidance.