The Northern Territory Government administers planning, rather than local government, in a system established through the Planning Act 1999 and Planning Regulations 2000.

The Development Consent Authority (DCA) is the statutory authority responsible for determining applications for development and subdivision approval. The development requirements that apply are contained in the Northern Territory Planning Scheme 2020.

Subdivision and Development Standards

The Litchfield Council is the responsible authority for roads and pathways, stormwater drainage, waste, lighting and public open space within the municipality. The standards that Council applies in the assessment and design approval process are contained within the Northern Territory Subdivision Development Guidelines (NTSDG) and Litchfield Council Development Standards (where not referenced in the NTSDG).

The Planning Act 1999 allows for Council to prepare a Contribution Plan requiring payment of a contribution from developers towards the cost of providing infrastructure to meet expected increased demand from development and subdivision.


Council requires submission of an application for:

  • approval to carry out works within a road reserve;
  • clearance of Development Permit conditions;
  • design approval for works within a road reserve; and
  • inspections of works.

Note that the forms and policies are under review to reflect the NTSDG and will be available soon.

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