Cane Toads are at large in the NT, however there are some varieties of native frogs and toads that can often be mistaken for cane toads. The Northern Territory Government provides funding to Frogwatch each year to assist in community cane toad management. Parks and Wildlife NT recommend 3 important steps to follow if you think you have found a toad.


Please be sure that you really do have a cane toad before killing it. Frogwatch Identifrog can assist.


Use a safe method to collect the Cane Toad, which are toxic. The source of the toxins is a large gland on the back of the neck. It is only toxic if ingested or rubbed into eyes. The toxin exudes over the toad's skin, it does not spurt out. Parks and Wildlife NT recommend using two plastic shopping bags, or something similar to pick up the toad. Turn the bags inside out, grab the toad, turn the bags the correct way round again, tie the bags tightly and you'll have safely bagged your toad.


The most humane method of disposing of toads is to place your double-bagged toad in the freezer overnight.

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Cane Toad (Bufo marinus)
Cane Toad (Bufo marinus)