Pre-need planning provides the option for individuals and families to purchase an exclusive right of burial on a plot for future use.

There are several advantages to planning ahead:

  • Purchasing a Pre-Need removes one of the many un-expected financial burdens when death is unexpected
  • Purchasing the right of interment in advance provides an opportunity to secure specific grave locations, allowing family members to be close together
  • Knowing where you wish to be buried, will ensure that your wishes are carried out while family members are reassured you are where you want to be
  • An exclusive right of burial forms part of the estate of the deceased

Exclusive Right of Burial

An exclusive right of burial can be placed on any vacant grave or memorial plot in the cemetery. This grave or plot is then reserved until the time comes to use it. An exclusive right of burial for any grave can be placed on hold for three months, this hold can be extended a further three months, but must not exceed six months in total.

After the holding time has elapsed the cemetery fee must be paid in full. Interment fees will be paid at the time of use. See fees and charges.

Note: The fees paid in advance are for the use of the grave space for burial purposes. This is no deed transfer or ownership entitlement to the land of the intended user. The land is owned by the Northern Territory Government.

Thorak Regional Cemetery staff are available to discuss this in more detail, please contact us by calling 08 8947 0903.