There is a diverse range of wildlife within the Litchfield Municipality. Most residents have woken up to see a mob of wallabies on the front lawn or had a possum in their roof. Dingo's are also a common sight.

Native vertebrate wildlife is protected within the Northern Territory and a permit is required to care for injured wildlife. Permits can be obtained through Parks and Wildlife.

It is illegal to trap, kill or injure wildlife. Injured wildlife are dealt with by local community organisations - not Parks and Wildlife.

If you find an injured animal please contact Wildcare NT, Darwin at 08 89 886 121 or 0408 885 341.

Alternatively local vets are affiliated with care networks and you can drop the animal off during business hours:

  • All Pets Vet Hospital
  • Ark Animal Hospital Yarrawonga
  • Darwin Mobile Vets
  • Howard Springs Veterinary Clinic
  • Litchfield Vets
  • Parap Veterinary Hospital
  • Paul Arnold Bush Photos
  • University Avenue Veterinary Hospital


Snakes are found throughout the Northern Territory in all habitats.

If you have problems with snakes in your area there are a number of things that you can try to reduce these problems:

  • Keep your garden neat and tidy; if you have compost heaps or wood piles keep them well away from your house.
  • Control any mice and rats living in or around your house.
  • Build snake proof aviaries, fowl yards and other small pet cages.
  • Wear long pants and thick boots when walking in long grass.
  • Never try to capture a snake, call a professional.
  • Contact a registered snake removalist (fees may apply).
  • Seek medical attention immediately if a snake bite occurs.

All native snake species are protected in the Northern Territory. For this reason, it is important that members of the public do not interfere with these animals without an appropriate permit. It is an offence to kill a snake unless; “the snake was within 100m of an occupied building; or the defendant proves that they honestly believed that it was necessary to kill or injure the snake to avoid an immediate danger of death or injury to a person or domestic livestock”.

For assistance with problem snakes and other large reptiles:

Darwin, Palmerston and rural areas - 1800 453 210

The snake catcher is contracted by Parks and Wildlife to catch wayward snakes in the Darwin and rural areas (along the Arnhem Highway as far as the Humpty Doo Pub or the Stuart Highway as far as the Noonamah Pub.) If you are outside of these areas or are unable to contact the Snake Catcher, Chris Peberdy is a volunteer snake catcher and can be contacted on 0409 326 307.