Litchfield Council's Strategic Plan 2018-2021 identifies advocacy as an important link to growing and maintaining a municipality that is the best place to live in the Top End. It is for this reason, Council is committed to powerful and effective advocacy.

With the municipality expected to continue to experience growth in population, the community demand for facilities, increased competition for services and expectations about managing our environment and open space will increase.

Litchfield Council has developed and endorsed the Litchfield Council Advocacy Strategy & Action Plan 2020-2022 that will guide Council's advocacy efforts.

These are the Priority Projects for 2020

2020 Territory Election

In preparing for the Northern Territory and Federal elections, Litchfield Council presented to political parties and candidates a range of questions on priority issues and projects impacting on the Litchfield Municipality.

The questions acknowledge the importance of Commonwealth, Territory and Local Government co-operation in meeting current and future needs of the Northern Territories fastest growing region.

Responses and commitments have been sought and those received are posted below for the community to review and consider how political parties and candidates intend to address and priority issues in Litchfield and work with the local community to solve them. 

Steve Asher - response via Chief Minister Gunner

Pauline Cass

Andrew Harley
- Water Security Policy

Country Liberal Party

Beverley Ratahi