Going solar is paying big dividends for Litchfield Council with Council’s monthly office electricity bill almost halved.

Late last year, Litchfield Council installed solar at Council’s office with a grant of $79,000 from the Northern Territory Government.

A total of 185 solar panels now sit on the office roof with a capacity of 53kwh, generating a total consumption of power of 225kwh per day.

Litchfield Council Mayor Maree Bredhauer said it was pleasing that Council could use grant funding to be more environmentally friendly whilst reducing ongoing operating costs long term.

“We are starting to see real benefits already, from December 2018 to February 2019 the solar panels generated approximately 14,000kwh with a savings of just over $3,000 for the three months.” the Mayor said.

Litchfield Council is committed to explore other opportunities to reduce its environmental footprint with more solar on the cards.