Litchfield Council Mayor Maree Bredhauer welcomes new Chief Executive Officer Daniel Fletcher to the region, commencing 26 August 2019.

Mr Daniel Fletcher brings more than 12 years of public and private sectors experience to our municipality and was instrumental in making his previous place of work a best practice leader in community engagement.

Mayor Bredhauer said, I look forward to working closely with Daniel to evolve our organization while maintaining a strong community focused and customer driven outcomes.

“Daniel will be tasked with ensuring a greater level of community involvement, engagement and empowerment by our Council. Our Council is elected to serve and represent our community and it is only with real community engagement that we can do our jobs effectively” the Mayor said.

Daniel’s focus will also be to continue building the great culture within the organisation and to enable our employees to work at the peak of their performance.

“I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the extraordinary work that our outgoing CEO Kaylene Conrick has contributed over the last three and a half years to the organisation and community”

“Community has always been the focus of my leadership and I know our new CEO believes the same and will continue with the governance and cultural growth the organisation has seen” the Mayor said.

Daniel will be joined by his partner and their two dogs who arrive in Litchfield on 26 August 2019.