To assist Litchfield Council and Freds Pass Sport and Recreation Reserve to collaborate more closely in future planning and improve the enjoyment of users of the reserve, are the intentions of the Notice of Motion put to Council and passed at the Wednesday 26 June 2019 Council Meeting.

Mayor Maree Bredhauer said there is no ulterior motive behind this Notice of Motion, it is a request for a report on how Council can, in cooperation with the board, review the long-term planning and governance structure of Freds Pass Sport and Recreation Reserve.

“Council will certainly be involving the Freds Pass Management Board in this review as their input is highly valued and critical in achieving the best outcome for this much sought-after community asset. Collaboration will be the essence of the project”

“The motion is not a request to ‘take over’ management of the Reserve, it is simply a review of how Council could assist in ensuring the Reserve is in tip top shape. Providing all residents with a first-class recreational facility now and into the future”, the Mayor said.

Four of the five Councillors were present for the voting of the Notice of Motion with the Mayor using a casting vote to adopt the Motion.

“I used my casting vote because I want Freds Pass Sport and Recreation Reserve to be the best place it can be, and I want to hear from users groups, volunteers, sponsors and visitors. This does not mean that Council is not happy with how the Reserve is operating. It is good management to continuously review existing arrangements and this is why Council is requesting the report.”

“It is Council’s motto that “Community effort is essential”. Our volunteers are our community’s most important asset and with this review Council wants to ensure that we get the best outcomes for them.” said the Mayor.

“Governance reviews on Council assets are a common practice that will only have a positive effect for the Reserve and its users” the Mayor said.