In accordance with the Local Government Act, Litchfield Council is undertaking a review of its constitutional arrangements during this term of Council and is calling on the community to provide input into the most effective elector representation for the council area from Friday 15 May 2020.

The current structure of four wards, one Councillor per ward, has the South ward underrepresented compared to other wards, and with the population increase of almost 50% over the past 17 years, Councillors are representing more people than ever before.

Litchfield Council Mayor Maree Bredhauer said this public consultation allows all interested members of the community the opportunity to express their views in respect to the number of elected representatives.

“Councillors have discussed all issues relevant to the review and have agreed on two proposed options that, if supported, would provide better representation for the community” the Mayor said.

Option one reduces the ward number from four to three and has two Councillors per ward, creating a simple structure that allows for ward representation even if a Councillor is absent.

Option two increases the ward number from four to five and has one Councillor per ward, this allows for future growth in wards and greater communication between Council and the community.

Changes to the ward structure are a decision for the Minister for Local Government, Housing and Community Development, and if approved will come into effect after the next Local Government election, August 2021.

To read the Electoral Review Discussion Paper and make comment visit with community consultation closing Thursday 8 June 2020.