A joint tender between Department of Lands, Planning and Environment and Litchfield Council has been sourced to carry out a hydrology study at Wadhams Lagoon, Howard Springs. Council are working in partnership with the department on this important project, with both council and the department financially contributing to the study. The purpose of the study is twofold, (1) to undertake a flood study and (2) to identify any mitigation options. Prior to advertising this tender, it was important for a survey of features and levels to be undertaken to inform flood modelling. The Department of Lands, Planning and the Environment funded this work to assist the joint tender and study being progressed.

This survey was completed in the last couple of weeks. Council and the department have been regularly meeting leading up to the release of the tender to finalise the brief and the requirements.

The department of Lands, Planning and the Environment will work with Council to finalise the tender process as quickly as possible so work can commence. The tender allows for a 16 week consultancy. It could be less, but this depends on what tenders come back in.
Council will announce the successful tenderer and update on the hydrology study once complete.