The Litchfield population is predicted to grow to over 35,000 people by 2046, and Humpty Doo is expected to grow and develop into one of the largest Rural Activity Centres in Litchfield, offering a diverse range of community facilities and services.

The NT Planning Commission has been developing an Area Plan for the Humpty Doo Rural Activity Centre. The purpose of the Area Plan is to understand and determine which land uses are preferred to help guide the development in the locality, including on the site at 320 Arnhem Highway. The Area Plan is still in draft stage and will be on hold until consultations for 320 Arnhem Highway are complete. The feedback from these consultations will help inform and guide the Humpty Doo Area Plan process. 

Litchfield Council is inviting residents, local businesses, sporting clubs, community groups and interested stakeholders, to participate in a community led consultation to help develop a land use Masterplan for 320 Arnhem Highway, Humpty Doo. At present, 320 Arnhem Highway is 7.56ha of under-utilised Council owned land within the Humpty Doo Activity Centre.

The goal of the consultations is to determine the community’s motivations for the future of Humpty Doo. Litchfield Council is encouraging the community to get involved in the surveys and have your say on how you would like to see this site developed in the future. 

Some targeted consultation has been undertaken with key stakeholder such as neighbouring properties and businesses, local MLA’s, government departments and agencies, as well as service providers. The purpose of that stakeholder engagement was to identify and understand opportunities and constraints for the site. These early ideas were mapped out in the concept designs and can be found here.