Litchfield Council representatives are back in business following elections with four out of the last team returned. I welcome Matthew Salter as the new Councillor for North Ward and thank Cr. Letchimi Wright for her work and input over the last term. Councillors Simpson (formerly Osborn), Hunt and Barden are back with a renewed abundance of energy. We have four years to consolidate our belief that rural Litchfield is the best place to live in the Territory and to add a few enhancements to keep it that way. We will deliver good governance, financial stability and a focus on community engagement.

Our population continues to grow with an increase of 26% in five years to 25,238. We are the economic hub of the Top End with our farms, commercial areas, AAAco abattoir, the Ichthys Project, and the recently announced Sea Dragon Project. Council will continue to work with you, our community and advocate at all levels for an expansion of services needed for increased growth and to provide facilities that our near neighbours enjoy. The library study is underway and of course the aquatic facility remains on Council’s radar. Road funding to help maintain and improve Council assets, water security, reserve upgrades, bicycle paths, improving our waste management and influencing NT Government planning process to ensure community needs are represented and our ‘village’ community identity is maintained all form some of the key priorities for the coming year.

Next year, just two days before the opening ceremony, Litchfield will host a leg of the 2018 Queen's Baton Relay for the Commonwealth Games. The relay will bring with it national and international media which will put Litchfield in the spotlight, providing a huge opportunity to showcase our community.

As mentioned earlier community engagement is a priority for Council and so I invite residents to get involved with Council activities, attend Council meeting and communicate with myself and or your Ward Councillor. You can contact the Mayor via the website, email , phone 0437517709.

Next Council meeting is Wednesday, 20 September at 6pm.