$1.85M of NT Government funds has been earmarked for spending on Litchfield Municipality roads. This money will be allocated to the roads which were badly affected by last wet seasons monsoonal trough. Affected roads include Brougham, Bundy, Finn in the South Ward and Trippe Road North. Tender documents, design and survey are all in the pipeline so works should commence in the near future. As road infrastructure, drainage and maintenance accounts for a significant portion of our annual budget it is very pleasing to get a budget boost.

The Council is committed to a full review of the Council is committed to a full review of its current Rating Policy which determines the basis of rating, not how much the rates are. To this end we are calling for interested persons to apply for a position on a Community Reference Group. We hope to have a diverse range of demographics and viewpoints on this group. The Community Reference Group will meet a number of times in the period February and June 2019, providing feedback and recommendations to the full Council. Please visit our “Yoursay Litchfield” site for the term of reference and the nomination form.

Other members of the community will have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions throughout this process.

Lastly for this issue is a reminder about Municipal Reserves’ Annual General Meetings. McMinns, Berry Springs and Livingstone have just held theirs and all were well attended.

Humpty Doo Village Green will hold theirs on Tuesday 23 October from 6pm on site. Fred’s Pass Sport and Recreation Reserve Board AGM will be held on Saturday 3 November from 10am at the Bee Hive.